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Back from holidays, don't feel like going back to school! How was your summer?

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We had a great time, but now I just want to do everything except school. Nevertheless, we start up again next week to allow everyone time to get over jet lag.


How about the rest of you? I know some of you have already started, but those of you who haven't or who have been/are on holidays, etc? The good news is that it looks like the essay writing class for my 15 yo is a go (enough students) so I don't have to teach it to her.

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We actually took a vacation last week and got back early Sun a.m. due to a car break-down. Co-op starts next Tues and my goal is to start next week. I don't even have curriculum ordered yet. I am so not ready. So, so, so not ready.



I feel for you. We do have the curriculum, but I have so many other things to catch up on from this crazily busy summer that I have planned zip other than a science lab here (and people are dragging getting back to me, even the ones I've head from before) and a academic essay writing class for dd that I just realized is on a bad day but we really need this class.

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Welcome back!


I am no longer homeschooling since my son is now launched at college. So far so good is the report.


It was fun seeing you and the gang this summer.


Happy schooling,




We enjoyed seeing you, too, and your ds plus to meet your dh. Glad to here that things are going well for your ds so far.

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