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Need fun activity ideas for group of 4th grade boys

A.J. at J.A.

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I am looking for some ideas for activities to do with a group of 4th grade boys (probably 8-10 boys total). Free time play doesn't seem to work with this group (too many varied interests), so directed time is what my son prefers.


Here are my ideas so far:


* Picnic and bike ride at local park

* Science experiments

* Art projects

* Board games

* Organized PE type games

* Baking party (have each one bring a box mix for brownies or cupcakes or cookies - have them make the mixes as a group, eat some and take some home)


Looking for some other great ideas!


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We usually enjoy TOPS books, my Webelos (4th and 5th graders) are working on the Electricy one now and always like to see the batteries and light bulbs come out.


Charades is also a huge hit!


They also enjoy putting on skits and short plays- google skits for Webelos or Cub Scouts and you'll get lots of ideas. Depending on how much time you need to spend making scenery or props can be fun.

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