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reading comprehension?

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If she's just beginning to read, don't worry about comprehension. Just keep plugging away on decoding the words and the comprehension light will click on. Do you have simple phonics readers? That will help, or if you are a creative soul you can write nonsense sentences out of the words she knows. Let her write, too, or make words out of magnets.


Most of all though, be patient.

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How old is she? My oldest (17 now) always struggled with comprehension. I went to Barnes & Noble and bought the reading comprehension books every year. They had short stories and she had to answer the questions. It was done independently at 8 years of age.


Went back to edit this because I can't remember who makes these books. They can be found in the workbook section. I can look it up if need be. Just PM me. :)

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