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Your favorite way to prepare red snapper?

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Just got back from the DC fish market (that was fun - freshest fish I've seen since Seattle)...


Anyway, we picked up really fresh red snapper filets (skin on), which I've never cooked before. I was thinking of broiling with a citrus herb butter. Any other ideas, as this is what I always do... Our grill is busted (the movers broke it :glare:) so I can't grill, which would be my first choice...



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Granted I've never tasted it, but did the following once and everyone raved.


Rinse, pat dry and sprinkle with a little soy sauce and balsamic vinegar. Let sit while you saute some bell pepper (any color) slices and onion slices about 1/3 of the way done with a little spicing: paprika or a bit of mustard powder or black pepper (I did all three, but really subtle). Put this butter-cooked veggies on top of the fish, skin side down (butter the skin before placing in downward) and bake en papillote.


I baked at 350 and did the minutes per pound I looked up in the JOC.


I got this recipe from a cooking newsgroup, and they warned me snapper can be dry. Hence the en papillote.



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