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I drank my first green smoothie!

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And it wasn't so bad! I read the Revolution book last night. I wanted to start this morning. I mixed spinach and an apple because that was what I had. It was a little flat, so I threw in the last handful of blueberries and that picked it up just a bit!


But I will say, as I was typing this, I was chewing on a piece of what I thought was either apple skin or spinach that didn't blend up. And I was chewing and chewing. Finally I spit it out. It was the sticker from the apple! LOL! Got to remember to take those off! LOL!


But it really wasn't that bad.

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For a little more creaminess, you might try avocado or banana (banana will also sweeten it a bit). Also, if you still think you'd like a little more sweetness, you might try apple juice instead of water.


In time, you'll likely find that you need less sweetness and such; but at first, do whatever you need to. I put A LOT more greens than anyone else on this board mentions. But I do like using juice as well as water too. So whatever works.


ETA: My daughter said, "whooo hooo!"

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but I don't think I would use an unpeeled apple. I've never put an apple in, I tend to use bananas and any other frozen fruit that I have around. We freeze our blueberries and peaches, and I bought a lot of strawberries when they were in season just for the purpose of smoothies. I've been using Swiss Chard, because we have a ton in our garden. It's not as good as spinach, but is made better with chocolate soy milk.:001_smile:


I love my smoothies in the summer.

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