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How many credits for Henle Latin?

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OK. Background:


My ds completed half of Henle Latin 1 as an 8th grader. (We're following Memoria Press' teacher guide, which divides Henle 1 over two years.)


We're going to finish Henle 1 this year, when ds is a ninth grader.


So I guess I'm struggling with knowing how many credits to assign for each *half* of Henle Latin? (And how I'd write that up on a transcript?)






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Do you mean that you're using the Berquist guide to Henle? The Memoria Press guide moves much slower than that.


But, in answer to your question, yes. Henle I is worth two credits in my opinion. We did that & backed it up by having my daughter take the appropriate level of the NLE (National Latin Exam) each year. On their web page, you can see syllabi for Latin levels 1 through 6. That gave me a good idea of what is covered these days in school Latin classes. Remember that Henle is an older text, and very few schools these days would cover all of Henle 1 in a single year.



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No. We're doing the Memoria Press's guide. They divide the purple book in half-ish. We did the first half last year, and will cover the second half this year.


It looks like we'd fall in the "second year of a two-year Latin I program" section of the NLE.


Thanks for your help! I'll check out the syllabi!

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