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Need a recommendation on MCT level

cheryl h

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Dd12 (7th gr.) has above average reading skills, master speller/vocab, loves to write...I would say she's a B student in grammar(Abeka). I was originally thinking Voyage, but maybe Magic Lens 1? Magic Lens is listed under middle school so I started to second guess myself. We are looking forward to a different approach to grammar, and that maybe it would help her turn the corner to a solid A. We have never done MCT Language, but I think she's smart enough to jump in without having to backtrack too much. Please help...is Magic Lens 1 too hard for a 7th grader?

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I think Voyage would be a nice fit. You only need the Basic package, tho' we're just starting Voyage so I can't say for sure. I haven't seen Magic Lens yet, but I'd imagine it would probably work well as well given what you are saying about your son.


I guess it just depends whether you want to push harder on the writing, etc. What are your goals?


The vocab would be a lot more intense in ML level, as I think it includes many more stems and words than CE2.


If I were you, I'd meditate on the writing books and make your choice based on which one would be most appropriate this year. I'd imagine that either one could work for the grammar, vocab, & poetry if you pick the level according to the writing book.


Personally, my 6th & 8th graders will both do Voyage this year (after Town in the Spring), even though I could surely have pushed my 8th grader to ML if I needed/wanted to. I didn't want her to miss any of the great stuff in Voyage. . . and I really want her to focus on short essays this year, as I feel that is such a vital skill. I didn't see a need to push ahead to ML yet. We have time! I also have other writing I want her to work on this year (IEW's Elegant Essay plus some other essays in her literature study. . .) so I am happy that Voyage will be fairly easy for her. . . More time to digest and explore what she is learning about essays.

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