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Timed essay exams

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Hello all!


I'd like to cover strategies for writing timed essays in our English course this year. My 10th grader is a great writer, and she's very thorough and diligent with her writing assignments, but she needs more practice writing timed essays.


I have the text I used when working in the Writing Center at CSUS many years ago. It's called "Write in Time: Essay Exam Strategies." The problem is that it's specifically targeted towards students trying to pass California State University's Writing Proficiency Exam. It's a decent book, and I could use it, but I'd really like to find something with a more general application.


Does anyone have any recommendations for books or curricula that teach writing timed responses? I'm not looking for a complete writing program, just something I can plug into her schedule as a supplement.


Thank you!

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You might look at this: http://www.excellenceinwriting.com/hse


My dc didn't like timed writing, but I made them do it. They are in college and have told me that the timed writing I made them do was worth it. Many of their courses have timed essay tests and they are comfortable with them because of all the practice they had. I made sure they could write a content-heavy, organized essay in 1 hour, and I had them spend about 10 minutes of that time outlining their essay, topics and examples and illustrations. Sometimes I had them outline an essay, but didn't make them write it because there is also value in organizing. Sometimes I had them organize 2 essays, but write one.


My dc said that many students can't finish an essay in one hour, and that many write poor essays as far as content, and many are not organized, so they lose points. Slight brag - my dd's Western Civ instructor used dd's literature analysis essay on Candide as an example of the perfect in-class essay. He didn't know it, but she was in 11th grade, taking college classes. Yes, teaching timed essays paid off.

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