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When and how to use Life of Fred??

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What grade do you generally start using Life of Fred? I am trying to find a new math curriculum and I love how this looks - my kids will get a kick out of it! But, since it is by "subject" (ie, Fractions, algebra, etc), I am confused about when to use it. Up until now, our curriculum presented a little of everything each year. My son will be in 4th grade, but is a very quick learner when it comes to Math.


Also, do you use this as a stand alone, or only as a suppliment?



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My kids started LOF in 4th grade. We were doing MUS but I have a kid that is 7yo and loves math. I got the books for him because he was doing 5th grade math and I can't keep up with him anymore and I was looking for something to help him continue to fuel his voracious appetite for more math knowledge. The books did just that. My 10yo doesn't love math but enjoys LOF books very much. She is doing decimals and will continue with MUS. She needs lots of practices sheets and she is taking her sweet time with the books.

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TWTM suggest using LOF during upper grammar and logic stages to supplement the regular math curriculum about once per week. LOF uses a non-traditional approach and kids find it to be fun, so the idea is to give them some variety. I'm sure there are other ways to implement LOF, but that is what I read just recently, so I bought two volumes for my soon to be 6th grader. We will do LOF every Friday, and I think it will be great because she is not as crazy about math as she is reading books and writing.




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