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What are your thoughts on these history texts?

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Hello ~

DD is a history buff and will most likely take an AP history exam. I am doing some long term planning and was wondering if anyone has used any of the following titles.

A Concise History of the American Republic, Vol I and II by Morison, Commager and Leuchtenburg

A History of the Modern World, Vol I and II by Palmer and Colton

If you have used or considered these titles, what did you like / not like about them?

I would appreciate any insight you can give -THANKS! :001_smile:

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These are the books used by Highlands Latin school aren't they? I think it is because each of these books (sets) is used over two years that not many people here have used them. Two years of American history followed by two years of Modern World history isn't very common. In general, I really like the Highlands Latin school set up and book choices but we have the option in FL to enroll in CC for high school so my dd will be using the texts chosen by the college. HLS is associated with Memoria Press and Memoria Press has a message board on their website. Perhaps you could find some reviews there?

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