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Making money at home!

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Yes I do. I have an etsy shop. I'm a seamstress and crafter. I have been blessed to have done some work for some high end boutique owners and have built contracts with them allowing me to do large orders for them to help bring in an income, helping us be able to do extra's that we otherwise couldn't.

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I tutor other people's kids after school. I charge $20 per hour at my home, or $25 if I have to travel to theirs (most people choose to come to me ;)). Although I do have a teaching degree, it has been a great way to capitalize on all the "tricks of the trade" I have learned over my years of homeschooling.

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I did call center work from home. I mostly worked for LiveOps. I got accepted but didn't find a shift that worked for me with Alpine Access. I did the training but ended up not working for ACDdirect and West@Home. I recently got put into the assignment pool for Working Solutions (took me THREE YEARS from first application to the pool!).


I've also done childcare, parent coaching, Pampered Chef, etc. Parent coaching makes good money per hour, but I get WAY involved heart-wise. Unfortunately, with any counseling, there is no guarantee people will follow through. Childcare is a lot of work for little money. Pampered Chef was actually better than I thought; but not my cup 'o tea after the stroke.

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