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going to be using SOTW 1 w/ my 1st grader. Anytime I read anything he always asks where is that on the map. Easy to show on maps of the present. Gets harder when showing Bible time places or any historical places. Where could I get a set of maps for over the years? Without spending alot of money!

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hmm...we just usually print out a map from our outline map cd and then we use a historical map from a reference book or the internet to figure out how to mark the map.


Here are some other map resources:












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Do you have the AG for SOTW? I ask, because every chapter has a blackline map and mapwork to show you the area you are studying. That's all we plan on doing for mapwork in the grammar stage.


For the logic stage, Map Trek has some fantastic historical maps designed to correspond with the WTM sequence.

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