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clever, crafty, sneaky Momma teaches place value using chores

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It was discovered today that one can teach place value and complete chores at the same time! The chore at hand, rock relocation. Tools available, a seven and five year old boy. Begin with 3 locations: wheelbarrow, table, and chair. Have the boys count 10 rocks and put them in the wheelbarrow. Inform them that each time they put 10 rocks in the barrow, they can place one rock on the table, until they reach 10 rocks on the table. Wait for them to complete this activity.


Once they have 10 rocks on the table, show them they are now allowed to place 1 rock on the chair. Remove the 10 from the table and tell them to keep composing until they have placed 10 rocks on the chair.


Reward them with a popsicle, cut in 10 pieces. Walk away happy that some rocks got moved and you completed math for the day. Pat yourself on the back and thank the forum for always bringing school to life for you! Walk away with your best evil laugh...mu ha ha ha ha mu ha ha ha ha!


Hence, thank you, dear hive, for suggesting Liping Ma's book. I am enjoying thoroughly.

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