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Good 10th grade curriculum?

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I need help finding good tenth grade curriculum that will prepare me for the SAT's that I will be taking next year. What does your tenth grader use or is going to use next year? I would really love to know what to use for geometry! I am looking at the Holt textbook and the AoPS book right now and they both seem good, but which will better pepare me and has good explanations of the problems that way I can figure them out better?


I posted a few minutes ago for my schedule, and would appreciate it if you shared your child's schedule as well!:D

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Here's what we are planning for 10th grade next year:


Chalkdust Pre-Calc (w/ SAT II math level 2 in June)

British Literature (Online w/ Laurel Tree Tutorials)

AP European History (self study using Kagan book & free Western Traditions video at Annenberg)

Biology (self-study w/ Campbell Exploring Life + labs)

AP Environmental Science (self study using Miller book, hippocampus + labs)

German II (w/ OSU German Online)



High School Sailing & Rowing through community program (3 hour commitment M-F for 10 weeks in both fall and spring)

Environthon--Looking into forming a highschool team

Volunteer work: Hopefully help with an adaptive sailing program


SAT prep: next summer using Chalkdust SAT Math review, IEW's SAT Essay and College Board prep books. Her gameplan is to take the PSAT in October of Junior year and the SAT in November.

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My 10th grader's schedule for 2010-2011


Oak Meadow 10th grade world history - uses Spielvogel's world history textbook

Oak Meadow 10th grade English

short story discussion group that I hope to have meet at the library

Kinetic Books Algebra II

Giancoli's Physics - will probably use Labpaqs for experiments

finish up Invent with Python that she started in February

continue with piano (Alfred All-in-one)

Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance

self-study Spanish with Visual Link, but just for exposure before taking it at cc in 11th grade

self-study for PSAT/SAT with college board book

continue with tumbling class and do general exercises for p.e.


volunteering at the animal shelter

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I posted a few minutes ago for my schedule, and would appreciate it if you shared your child's schedule as well!:D


My twins are in 10th grade and here's what we are doing:


For Ds and Dd:

English 11 ("Researching and Writing Across the Curriculum†3rd Ed),

“Writing Clear Essays“, The Prose Reader: Essays for Thinking, Reading, & Writing; Kaplan AP English Language & Composition Guide)


Themed Literature (They choose a theme for each semester and read 5-7 novels... For 1st semester Ds is doing Science Fiction, Dd is doing poetry.)


U.S. History (MIT Open Courseware: Maier "Inventing America“,

Boyer "The Oxford Companion to United States Historyâ€, Kaplan AP US History Guide)



Ds only:

Precalculus I & II (CC dual credit, but we are reconsidering due to finances to have him do it at home)

Advanced Chemistry (Zumdahl Chemistry; AP exam in May)

Astronomy 1st semester (CC dual credit)

Physics 2nd semester (Wiley Self Teaching Guide)

Spanish (Como Se Dice, Live Mocha website)

PE (Kung Fu, YMCA, Bowling League, Civil Air Patrol)


For Dd only:

Geometry (Larson‘s Geometry, 2001)

Integrated Science (Teaching Co. The Joy of Science, The Sciences: An Integrated Approach)

PE (Kung Fu, YMCA)

Honors Human Geography (DeBlij, Human Geography; AP exam in May)

Chinese (MIT Open Courseware, Chinese I & II, Integrated Chinese Level 1 part 1,2)

Advanced Music Theory (The Musician's Guide to Theory and Analysis; AP exam in May)

Applied Music (private lessons guitar, piano, drums)

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