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Home Economics Course?

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Hi - most of my children seem to have taken to cooking, washing, sewing, etc. naturally.


But not my 17 year old. She could think of nothing worse!


However, I would like her to gain some 'basic' skills - basic sewing, cooking, housekepping skills, etc.


We can do this, of course, in a 'natural learning' style, but I wondered if there were any courses or curriculums out there - nothing too in-depth, or that will take up hours of her week, but just something that covers basic housekeeping skills - so that when she leaves home, she won't starve! :glare:



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H Linda,

I recommend the text book that I used in High school, it is called Nutrition & Food Preparation for Australian schools, by Norris. I don't know if it is still in print, but there should be a huge amount of these books floating around, as they were the standard text book for Home Economics year 10 and 11, 20 years ago.

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