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Opinions on the following AM. History texts...

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I’m looking for an Am. History text & I was going to use the Boorstin’s book, but have since changed my mind. It’s still a possibility, but I’m also considering the following:


The American Pageant 7th or 8th edition

America: A Narrative History (Tindal)

An Unfinished Nation

Out of Many


Any thoughts on these? I personally like Pageant and I think dd would too, except I read (Lies Across America & a few other sources) that there are a lot of inaccuracies with regards to this book.


Tindal’s book, is supposed be the most historically accurate out of the bunch, but kind of boring. Not many primary sources & such included in the book. Although, I could by the supplemental text for that I’d like to be able to have it all in one.


An Unfinished Nation has great online support.


Out of Many looks ok, but, eh, ….not sure.


I thought about the Howard Zinn book, but it is too dense for dd. There is no way she would get anything from it. But I do plan on supplementing with some DVD’s and audio from him.


Any thoughts on these?

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We will be using the K12 book An American Odyssey (I was able to buy it without enrolling in the course). We are supplementing with the abridged teaching edition of the Zinn book (this is not the young people's version). I own Out of Many, Nation of Nations (both the concise and regular versions), The American Promise, Boorstin, and the Glencoe high school book and they're either disjointed, have too much detail, or are just plain boring. I love the K12 world history book (middle school) so I'm hoping their American for high school will be as coherent and interesting. Actually, it it is just coherent I'll be happy!


I have had the hardest time finding decent American history materials for high school. You'd think it would be easy, but apparently not.

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Howard Zinn does have a teen version of his book -- have you seen it?


He also has a graphic novel that might make an intriguing supplement to the text that you choose: A People's History of American Empire (American Empire Project)


My teen used the American Pageant (I believe it was the 12th edition) when she took an out of the home AP US History course. She enjoyed reading the book; she thought it had personality. But it was also a tome; her class read it from cover to cover and it had well over 1000 pages.




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