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So the date of my first 10 K is in 6 weeks, but

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I can't participate because of back issues. I am so bummed about that. I was going to run it with my sister but in the past few weeks I found out that I had to stop running. So, now my sis is coming to run the race without me. She wants me to pick up my shirt, since I already registered, and I want to be encouraging to cheer her on. Can I gripe and say I really don't want to. this 10K was one of my goals for the year and now I can't do it. But I'll smile and be there when she reaches the finish line. Maybe she won't reach my goal time I set..... Okay, rant, gripe over.

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(((((lynn))))) I'm very sorry. I understand not wanting to go when it was going to be a special thing for you! But you're a good sister for going anyhow. :)


Early this year I almost signed up for the 10k I wanted to do in May, but I held off. Unfortunately, it was a wise move because our 2nd vehicle broke down and I couldn't get to the gym for my winter/spring training nearly enough to be ready. *sigh* Still huffing and puffing for my measly 3 miles. LOL The weather is nicer now so I can run outside but there's not enough time now for this pudge to get in shape for the 10k! I'm aiming for one at the end of summer.

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