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I noticed that the Homeschool Buyers Co-op has a deal with them right now. I've never used Thinkwell. I saw in another post on this board that it is only good for a year. I can't find that anywhere on the Thinkwell website or on the Homeschool Buyers Co-op website. I know we wouldn't start the course until August, and finish in May. But I'd want to start prepping in June/July...... More importantly, how good are the science courses?

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Hi Kathy,


There are several thinkwell threads floating around the boards. You might want to do a bit of reading/searching and see if anything pops out at you.


I'm also not sure that I understand how the co-ops subscription works. I know that the THinkwell courses that I've purchased before had a code that I entered on THinkwells site that "started" the course. I don't know, but I would think it would be the same for these, unless there is some sort of group start date for the courses. ????


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I have a Cyber-Ed subscription through the co-op.


The way that Cyber-Ed works is that you have to enter Cyber-Ed through the co-op page and then back out and click on your subscription link on your subscriptions page.


The subscriptions never start the same day as the end of the group buy. There's always a delay. I think Cyber-Ed started a few weeks after the group buy ended.

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