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1st grade for a "meat and potatoes" man.


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My ds (will be six in a week) is a no frills kind of guy. He doesn't particularly enjoy coloring, sing, dancing, crafting, etc, in and of itself. He does enjoy a few meaningful crafts. What are some good choices? I know I will use Abeka 1 for math, but beyond that is open.

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Well, I kind of have one of those myself. He's 6 1/2. Here is what I am doing with him that seems to do the trick.


MCP Math

MCP Spelling Workout

MCP Phonics (we do books A and B and that's all)

FLL (not daily, but when we remember)



SOTW 3 for history folded in with older brother

My World Science (currently doing African Savanna)

Physics (Dh does this with both of them)


Christian Studies from Memoria Press (folded in with older one on this)


Lots of reading time. He loves to read, so he gets to do a lot of it. And he reads a lot of history and science encyclopedias.


Maybe these will give you a few to look at to see if the style fits what you are looking for. Good luck!

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He's 7 and doing 2nd grade work this year. Here's what's worked well for him:


OPGTR for phonics along with pathway readers

He now reads on his own with the Putty and Tabby and Poppleton books

SWR for spelling

FLL for grammar/writing (I have to cut out pictures for him to glue on when he's asked to illustrate anything. He actually likes the poetry memorization)



Any Science books or experiments go over well with him.

History: He likes it as long as I'm just reading stories to him--no projects unless they involve dressing up like a character and saying a few words about that person.


I read a lot to him.


This year, I bought him the "Big Yellow Drawing Book", and he works in it just a little bit about twice a week. It has helped him to get over his drawing phobia somewhat. He still hates to color, but now he will draw something simple if I ask him to.

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