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Narration examples anyone?


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Just did my first narration with dd age 5.5. I read aloud from Stuart Little and she told part of the story back to me. She really liked it! Yeah! BUT..I wasn't sure how much to help her or how much to put the information into sentences for her. I kept wanting to say "Tell me in complete sentences" which is what I would have said to my high schoolers when I was a teacher, but she is too young to understand that. Anyone willing to post some narration examples for me? Especially for age 4-7 or so. Thanks. Also any narration tips. I am a complete newbie!

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We've been doing Aesop's Fables. I read it on Monday and then she tells me the story in her own words.


First we go through the list of: Who was in the story? What happened? Why did it happen? How did it happen? Where did it happen? We usually don't use when but there is not much When in a lot of the fables. Then I have her tell me the story in her own words. I write it down then she copies it for copywork.


Her is one of her first compositions from when we started it. The story is called "The Sheep and the Pig."


There was a big fat pig where the sheep live. The farmer picked the pig up and he squealed. The sheep asked: "Why are you squealing?" The pig replied: "He only wants your wool but he wants my bacon."


She is in 2nd grade and was not ready for narration before this. The only thing we narrate is the fables and we are using this as a transition into composition. This year and next we are working on narrations of various forms and then in 4th we will begin descriptive writing as we travel the world to different habitats (or that is the plan right now).


Hope this helps.:001_smile:

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