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ACK! Help!!

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My daughter uploaded a vid to youtube for her latin class. On the side bar that has "related videos" et c. there is a really *really* inappropriate video.


Is there a way to make it not do that?


The assignment was to convince someone to go to ancient rome. When she mentions the baths, I say something about isn't that where everyone swims around n@ked??? I'd rather be dirty! and then she explains what they were.


I use the word "n@ked" in the video once and the title has the word "exciting" in it.


If we edit out the n@ked do you think that fix it? I'm thinking the tchr will let us b/f the class sees it but I don't know. I can't stand that it pops up there when we want to watch the vid. Is there a way to permanently G-rate our account? I don't want this stuff to pop up ever!

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I'd suggest setting up a blog - just a quick one at blogger will do.


Then upload the video to blogger & use the instructions on this page


to stop the 'related' videos from showing after your video plays in the player on the blog.


Another option would be for you to load up the page on youtube and make the player 'full screen' - then the related videos can't be seen because the video takes up the full screen.


Another option is to take the video to somewhere like photobucket instead


IIRC, the way the videos display there is different & you don't get the related content showing up.


Hope one of these ideas works for you.


Youtube has gotten difficult lately; one of the pages we used to visit constantly suggested a 'lovely latina dancing' - in her underwear - in the sidebar. :001_huh: Puhleeez...... I don't see how it was remotely related to our video. :glare:

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