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Has anyone given a Harry Potter-themed party?

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We are having several teen girls over on Friday night to watch the newest movie and my daughters have asked for a Hogwarts-ish "feast". I have a plan for the menu and decor but I am stumped on the drinks.


Butterbeer - my daughter suggested plain Cream Soda in a pitcher after we found a fairly complicated recipe (that involved Cream Soda) online. I would love to serve something a little fancier but not so complicated.


Pumpkin Juice - um, ick? I was thinking of making iced pumpkin tea and calling it Pumpkin Juice but I am open to any good ideas!


I will also serve eggnog, water, tea and coffee but I would hate to have a bottle of soda on the table - too Muggle-ish, kwim!

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You could look in an Asian specialty foods store. We like pearl/tapioca soda and it has little floaty sparkling things in it. You can probably find something green and creepy there to serve as gillywater. A red cherry soda could serve as either Flitwick's drink of choice or red currant "rum."


I'd probably get a few bottles of green, red and golden syrup and some seltzer, relabel all of them (yay for home printers) and let the kids help themselves at a bar or countertop or buffet with a homemade


"Leaky Cauldron Bartenders-for-Hire



sign near it. You could put edible sparklies (available in the baking section of well stocked stores) in them for extra effect.

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Oh Dragons - those are some great ideas! I would love to set up a *bar*, but with the Christmas decorations up we are pretty tight for space......I am thinking hard!!!!


Firefly, here is our menu since I think that you might be interested! We are using a red tablecloth with gold plates and napkins for a vaguely Gryffindor look. We have a lot of candle holders with white candles, so they can be like a centerpiece. My serving dishes are all white or cream which should look nice.


To start, I want (iow, this may not happen and we will fall back on chips/salsa and veggies/dip) to serve "vol-au-vents and canapes", like the ones they help Mrs. Weasley make in DH. I can get a few boxes of the frozen puff pastry hors d'oeuvres, but I may not be able to fit them in my freezer which will be jam-packed by then with Christmas cookies. Plus, they are a little pricey and my husband may decide that it is going too far for a bunch of girls who are usually content to eat sandwiches or chili with us!


All the food is mentioned in the books at one point (I found a few lists online) - I chose the ones that will be easy to make and serve.


Shepherd's Pie

Beef Casserole

Roast Chicken


Roasted Potatoes


Brussels Sprouts

Dinner Rolls


Dessert is more fun!


Harry's Treacle Tart

Ron and Hermione's Chocolate Gateau (remember how Ron tries to get Hermione to eat in GoF?) - we are going to decorate it with hearts

Crabbe and Goyle's Chocolate Cupcakes (like the ones Hermione fills with a sleeping potion in CoS) - they will be in those silvery cupcake liners and decorated in green, all Slytherin-like

Cream Puffs - my daughter remembers that they were served in the movie at the first Slug Club party

We can do jam (jelly) donuts, apple pie, rice pudding and/or eclairs if we can't manage the cream puffs.


oh, I am tired just thinking about it all!

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