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I'm so excited! . . .

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I talked with my son's principal this morning and made the arrangements necessary for dual enrollment to homeschool all his language arts stuff.


He has dyslexia, with spelling especially being difficult for him. His reading teacher is *OK*, but there's only so much she can do with 27 other kids in the class. We live 2 minutes from his school, so he'll go in the morning, I'll bring him home at 9:00, and then he'll go back to school at 10:45 every day.


We are former homeschoolers, current afterschoolers, and now half-time homeschoolers.


We'll start after the Christmas break in January - we'll be doing R&S Grammar, WWE 3, and Apples and Pears Spelling.


Just had to share - I am really excited about doing this!

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Apparently I have spelling issues, too!
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