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CTC's Language Smarts


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I have Level C. I bought it based on the stellar descriptions. Honestly though, it will be a stretch for me to use it. It is a book of colorful, glossy worksheets. There is tons of variety but hardly any depth, and assumes a child can immediately synthesize a new skill. The page are topical, and there are only 2-4 pages are devoted to each topic. Since there's barely a chance to practice the skill the first time around, it would be difficult to "save" pages for review later. I absolutely cannot see how this could be used alone as a LA curriculum.


I'll use the section on suffixes as an example (I opened the book to the middle). 2 pages. Page one lists suffixes and their meanings, and has six words with blanks at the end for the child to add the correct suffix. Page two has the child add suffixes to five words and then use each word in a sentence. That is it. It's just exposure and a bit of practice, and then it moves on to prefixes. I can't see any child really mastering suffixes from that little bit.


I know the description says that it teaches, but really there is just a line of instructions, which is DEFINITELY not enough for my kid! It may "meet state standards" as far as content but what's the point if it isn't effective? It is the complete opposite of CLE 2, which we are really enjoying. CLE builds on skills slowly and has the child work on the skill over a period of weeks so that it becomes second nature. I hate selling stuff so I am saving Language Smarts to do in the summer between CLE 2 and 3 to refresh the skills.

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