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Anyone watch Grey's Anatomy w/ a teen dd?

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We haven't had cable for 15yrs and I'm SO clued out about what's happening on tv lately but I'm looking for a soapie drama thing that dd & I can watch weekly as a mom/daughter thing. I was thinking of watching this on DVD starting with season 1.


She's 15 (yup, that's when we cut cable:D).


What do you think? Is it totally inappropriate? I know there's a lot of sleeping around but I also hear that the female characters are quite strong though one keeps making stupid personal mistakes over & over again.....

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There's lots of sex in Grey's Anatomy. We've turned it off a number of times when watching it with DD.


I would vote for Gilmore Girls. The early seasons weren't as sex focused. DD and I enjoyed those together.


You know, I really liked the first season, but it seemed like it got pretty sleazy after that, IMO. :001_smile:


What they said!:001_smile:

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