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Anyone know about these cars?

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We're looking to buy before the end of the year. We're looking at several different vehicles, but are currently interested in a Dodge Journey or a Mazda 5. We're a family of 4, but would like the option to throw a couple of kids in the 3rd row, if we need to. It's hard to find a Mazda near us, but I think we could walk out with a Dodge Journey for a pretty sweet deal.


Does anyone have a Journey or Mazda 5? Love it? Hate it?



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fwiw, we currently drive a voyageur and will be downsizing hugely due to gas costs. while there may be a bit of up and down, the overall trend in gas prices will be up....


two years ago we bought dh a corolla and love it. lots of room for 4, fine for 5 and the gas mileage is amazing.




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