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16 year old boys and xbox 360....

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Those of you that have boys who play video games I have a question for you......how often and for how long do you let them play?




Total screen time (video games, TV shows, Facebook, etc.) is supposed to be an hour a day. It's hard to patrol and they exceed it, but that's what we're shooting for.

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2 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday, ds is only 10 though, but if he was 16 it'd still be the same.


Sometimes he plays more on Thursday's, but that's because dad is a gamer and they play together on his day off.


We used to do one hour per day, but it was hard to ds to get off after only and hour. Especially if he was playing co-op or multiplayer because everyone else's scores are dependent on each other and he would leave in the middle of a match and eventually nobody wanted to play with him.

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My 15yo isn't allowed to turn it on until after dinner. Then he can play until he goes to bed, however long that is. As long as he's up in the morning for breakfast and school, I don't keep tabs on when he goes to bed. Usually it's around 11 or 12.


On the other than, he doesn't watch TV or use the computer, except for school-related stuff.


I have no limits on X-Box time on the weekends...as long as he helps around the house when he's needed.


He loves his video games. :D

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I allow my kids to play for an hour everyday after finishing school stuff. I tried playing the game too and you can't really give them only 30 mins to play( that's not enough to really enjoy the game and accomplish something). So I say 1 hr is enough to enjoy gaming time. :001_smile:

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