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In my opinion, no. You can use some sort of marking system on the cards to show which of the children have mastered them and which need more review. You'll do a little more juggling that way, but it works.


For "jail" cards (words that don't follow the rules), I write the word onto an index card and have them do the coloring per the instructions.


Once you hit level 3, there is a silent E book which each child needs his or her own copy.

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Thanks. I think I am going to try level two this way and see what happens. Worst case, I order extra later on.


I think you'll be fine. If you are teaching them as a group and one misses a card, it stays in review for all of them. It won't hurt those who don't miss it to review it.


Also, you can download additional progress charts and completion certificates for free. On the AAS message board, The Chatterbee, they have these posted in each group. Here are some links for the level 2 ones:


Progress Chart

Completion Certificate


And if you decide you like having just one materials packet, you can get some of the extra items (like the Silent E book from Level 3 that was mentioned) for a nominal fee--they are only $2.50.


Hope it works out well for you! Merry :-)

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