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Curly girl question. Product fatigue?

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I've done the rare-poo thing for well over a year now. I used on sale drug store conditioners for curly hair, mostly due to budget issues.


It seems, though, that my hair starts to not respond to products over time. :confused: I used Samy's curl construct mouse for a long time. I use a leave in first (I used to use Frizzologie, but can't find it anywhere). I now use some anti frizz cream from Pantene. After I dress, I use the Samy mouse.


But it's frizzing and puffing now. It didn't use to.


I think I'd like to try new, possibly premium products. But who has $23 for conditioner when you have long, curly hair and use A LOT of conditioner?


Tresemme and Fructis curly products are not great on my hair, btw.


Oh, and I've started using a cotton pillow case to dry my hair instead of a towel.

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I just ordered a bunch of products from the curlmart.com site so I can't offer any good products yet....


but I was pretty sure ANYTHING Pantene was bad, bad, bad for your hair and may be your culprit. I found several sites with products lists for curly hair and can only find about half in my stores. I finally caved and decided to try some of the online products.


no expert, but my guess is the Pantene thing. hope you can find better products!

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When I was still using product, I used Tigi/Catwalk's Curls Up products, which worked really well.


Honestly, it might be time to ditch the conditioner and go to a more natural product. Since I've been doing the baking soda wash and the apple cider vinegar rinse, my curls have really been coming out (impressive, considering my layers are so bad right now that the weight of my hair is pulling it almost straight).


Your hair looks pretty fair, so you could use the apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, or lemon juice to good effect. I'm going to start trying a coffee rinse to bolster my natural color somewhat, and because it's supposed to be good for taking care of any waxy buildup.


ETA: Also, are you getting your hair trimmed frequently enough? Do you wear it pulled back a lot, especially in a tight bun or ponytail? Breakage is a really common cause of frizz.

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My new hairdresser told me last night that a great thing to use on curly hair is sea salt water. Just buy unrefined salt and dissolve it in water (so it tastes quite salty) and put it in a spray bottle. You can actually buy products *like* this on the shelves and they have a bit of gel product in it, too, but she says at $16/bottle it's way overpriced. I haven't tried it yet, but my sister said that she watched the hairdresser use it on her friend and it worked really well.

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