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I love my pediatrician!

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We have been going to the same pediatrician since ds6 was 2 days old. We had ds's 6 yr well check up thursday. We were talking to her about how he wants to be an eye dr when he grows up and she was so excited about how interested he was in science that she said she had a gift for him. When she originally daid she had a gift I thought it was going to be a junky little dollar toy like you get sometimes at the dr for good behavior. Anyway, she comes back with a nice model of an eye. She said she thought my ds6 would like it and that she didn't use it much. I could beleive it. I have been wanting to get one. This is the one she gave us http://www.hometrainingtools.com/human-eye-model---advanced/p/CM-HUEYEAD/ I was floored. Anyway just had to share :)

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Awww, thanks for affirming that there are still great physicians out there whose primary goal is not to get you out of the office in under 5 minutes.

This lady seems to be in the right profession.



We've got a great ped too after several (mostly do to insurance changes and moving). It's so great to see a doctor that cares for your kids!

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