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Xpost: Plato Science anyone?

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My kids have been using the Cyber-Ed science (we managed to buy a year's subscription before it was sold to Plato -- unfortunately it ends tomorrow!). My HG+ DS9 is very science-oriented and has worked through the Earth & Space, Life Science and Physical Science courses with no difficulty. He has certainly learned something from them, which is usually a problem with him because he always seems to know everything before I introduce it! He's been getting mid-90's on average for the tests.


My DS7, who is also HG+ (but not as science-oriented) has been doing it as well, and has certainly enjoyed it and learned a lot, but he hasn't fared as well on the tests. I think it's designed for a gifted grade 5 to middle school age, so I haven't been making him do the tests anymore. He probably finds the lectures a little long, but if they touch on a topic he's interested in, he gets very excited about it and it usually leads to further exploration off-line.


That said, I've heard that the new Plato science is somewhat different from the old one, in that it is not as flexible in the times that you can work on it, or in whether you can move around within the lesson plan and re-do tests and so on. I have no personal experience with the new version.


If it is pretty much the same, content-wise, I would say yes to your specific question -- there's still lots to learn for an advanced learner and it is indeed very comprehensive. I would say that DS9 only found the Earth & Space stuff to be beneath his abilities, but only because he'd already done so much astronomy already.





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We use PLATO programs. My DD (just turned 10) is currently using Life Science along with Glencoe's Life Science middle school text. We will then use the other two middle school programs, since we purchased all three, and use the Glencoe early high school book, Physical Science with Earth Science, next. I think they are good programs, especially for visual learners and are the programs used by JH CTY. I do not feel they are a complete stand alone program myself for middle school science but they are a wonderful supplement. (We are very science heavy here though so my view may differ.) They were designed as a credit recovery and do hit many important points, we just tend to go into more detail. The Life Science has been able to correlate really well to the Glencoe book so far this year.


We had originally bought a timed login and it didn't work well for us so we have a 24 hour subscription to all the middle school classes. That way we aren't restricted, especially over the summer when my DD has other obligations during the day but would like to use it in the evening.

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After reading your x-post on the other board I will add, many parents on the Davidson Forum use PLATO middle school science as an intro. science for kids your DD's age who are ahead in science. I think that is part of why I don't think it is enough for my DD, she just needs more at this point. Some come back to it again as an additonal supplement later on as well.


I wouldn't rule it out and have your DD look at the demo, realizing that this wouldn't be her only experience with it and without expecting the same outcome as a middle schooler, i.e. maybe skipping the tests and dividing up lessons, depending on your DD. I will probably let me DD6's look at it in another year if they wish with the thought that they will really address it in chronologic fifth like my DD, as a middle school class. Until then it can be a fun supplement.


I realize that many just don't understand that some kids just "get" science at younger ages, I have two who definately do. :)

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