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Freezing cookies ???

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I just baked cookies and assembled in small tins for gifts. I'm sticking them in the freezer as is inside the tins. These will be given next Thursday so we're only storing for a week.


I felt pretty good about my plan but now I'm worried they won't come out right. I suppose I should have wrapped them individually in plastic inside the tins or separated with wax paper or something.


Are they going to be okay? I didn't really want to have to take it all apart and reassemble. I've never frozen inside the tins before but they seemed pretty airtight.



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Just wanted to add it's a butter/ shortbread type cookie.
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I've never frozen cookies before, but my GMIL does every year. She puts them in the tins, makes sure that they seal well, and sticks them in the freezer. Her cookies come out great every year so I'd think you're safe! If you're really worried, how about taping around the edges of the tins? Then you KNOW they're completely sealed....but I really think you'll be fine just the way you have them.

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I would not have frozen the cookies in the tins. We freeze them in freezer bags. I would worry about moisture and freezer burn. When you thaw the cookies the can be some condensation and in a tin you could end up with soggy cookies. We spread out the cookies when thawing and then repack into tins.


Also I'd be afraid the tins would rust from moisture.


But I've never actually tried freezing in tins so this is just my assumptions.

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