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Need specifics on Passport to Purity

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I'm interested in learning more about Passport to Purity. Is there a teachers guide and student book? Would you recommend books or dvd's. I think I noticed dvd's. Pros and cons to either?


Or, do you buy the book/s and dvd/s?


I just don't understand how it all works, but I'm interested in using it in the near future.


Send me your comments please. Thanks. Sheryl <><

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I used it with my daughter last year. The kit I bought included a parent guide, a passport/journal/workbook for the child and the audio CD's. I didn't know they had a DVD. But the CD's worked out well, because we listened in the car as we traveled to our get away destination and then used a CD player for the lessons in the room.


I highly recommend the program...it was a great memory!

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Passport to Purity is a kit (cd or cassettes with books for parent and child) that helps you have a special, very bonding get-away with your pre-teen.


They encourage you to find a place about 2-3 hours away where you can make some special memories with your child. (Ds chose a theme park; dd shopping-- we gave her $50 or more). You listen to the tapes as you drive. They can fill out the workbook as they listen. Then you stop and usually have a "science experiment" type visual aid and discuss what you heard. Then drive on. Stop and talk again.


Spend a day together doing something fun. Back to the cd and book. Are there five sessions? I can't remember.


These weekends were so bonding. I highly recommend this "curriculum."


You can read more at http://www.PassportToPurity.org.


Here's the link to the sale: http://shopcbh.org/p-50-passport-2-purity.aspx


You might like to read the reviews here: http://www.christianbook.com/passport-2-purity-weekend-retreat-kit/9781572296565/pd/296569?item_code=WW&netp_id=356773&event=ESRCN&view=details

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