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Found kitten

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We just moved into this house about a month ago and now a little kitten has wandered into our garage. We've only met a couple of neighbors so I don't know if it belongs to someone. I called the village hall and they say that cats are allowed to be outside here- so theoretically it could belong to anyone. There is no collar or tattoo. So, if we put up signs and no one calls- how long til we can keep it?

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Do you have a municipal/county shelter, SPCA &/or animal control? You need to let all these organizations know that you have a stray animal. When people lose pets it's those places that they'll be calling.


You also need to take kitty to one of the shelters or a vet to be scanned for a micro chip - our vets do this for free. If the kitten has been chipped you can trace back the owner but obviously you need to scan to find the chip.


Also put in free ads in the craigslist or buy&sell - whatever free classifieds you have.


Abandonment laws vary from area to area. Some shelters have only 72h holding periods & I've heard of even shorter when the shelters are overwhelmed. I probably would give it a week or two. If nobody comes forward with a really good description, you can keep it.


Do keep all your records of the attempts you made to find the owners in case someone crawls out of the woodwork later & tries to claim it.


And of course, once you've made kitty yours, spay/neuter, vet check for vax & parasites, tattoo & microchip & collar ASAP.


best wishes

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I have a theory that cats come into our lives when we need them to.





Don't they ever? My latest cat arrived the day my grandmother passed away. We have another that my daughter rescued a few days before her near-fatal car accident. Another found us the day we moved across the country and our last cat, a former stray, had taken himself back to the wild. Yet another had kittens on our porch the day of my first homebirth. Those kittens kept my kids busy for weeks while I was recovering my strength. Cats do seem to know when they are needed, don't they?



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