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PaperBack Swap questions

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If you use PBS I have a question for you. How rigid should I be in choosing which books to list?


I have some books that have been read, reread, and read again . . . and again, and again . . . They are definately **used** if you know what I mean. The covers are worn, the corners are worn, a few pages are dog-eared or bent or crinkled. These are books I would not want to get if I were planningto give it as a gift but would be more than happy to have just to read or give to my girl to read. Good or no good to swap?

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Here is a link to their recommendations.....I have received a broad range of condition in books and I have sent a few very poor condition books that people agreed to take because they were highly desired books. I agree with Nestof3 though; post it, tell them privately and let them decide.





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