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Help me make copybooks for a ds6 and dd4.


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I want to put a homemade copybook in my dc's stockings for Christmas (gee, thanks ma...:glare::tongue_smilie::lol:)


Anyway - my 6yo is comfy copying about 10 word sentences at the present (but I want to continually challenge him kwim). He is bored to tears with the sentences I've made up using spelling words (SWR). If I could find a source for sentences about knights/dragons/castles he would be thrilled. A "how to draw" knights/dragons/castles to go along with copywork would REALLY encourage him.


4yo hasn't done more than copying a word at a time, but she LOVES writing and would TREASURE a little copybook made just for her. I'd love to find witty short sentences to copy....no "The cat sat on the hat." stuff ;) dh suggested just giving her Dr.Suess books to copy from...idk...she would like that, but I'd like to hear other ideas too.


Then, I want to make a book for my 3yo as well....I'm thinking one letter to color per page kind of thing. I think his will be easy to do, but I am :bigear:


Any ideas? Links? Free printables? Public Domain texts I can c&p to StartWrite?

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Can you make a simple story with your children as the main characters?


Maybe something like: Name lives in Place. Name has a pet chicken. She loves to play.


Or something like: Boy is a page for Sir DadName. He likes to go on adventures.


Fabulous! I like that!

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You might want to check out this link to enchanted learning. They have lots of Alphabet stuff. I used the alphabet coloring pages with my younger and she loved them.


They also have a blank page where you write a word and then draw a picture in the box above. That might be good for your 4yo.


Also check out History Scribe or Boy Scribe. They are really inexpensive and have some free samples to check out.



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