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Is a flip HD video camera a lot better then the regular one?

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I really want to buy my ds a flip video camera for Christmas but I can't afford to spend the money for the HD. Is there really a big difference between the HD and the regular one? If the HD is really a lot better I'm considering buying it as a joint gift for all 3 of my kids instead of just giving it to my son. Also which is better mino or ultra?

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Not sure about the HD version but the mino is great! I wouldn't buy the ultra-check out the videos on the differences, I think it may be on you tube. I remember that it was much bigger plus couldn't be recharged on the pc-that may have changed.

Also, when I ordered our second one it didn't work-the volume was terrible. I got it replaced and guess what-it was worse!! Obviously a bad batch. Finally I bought one from a different source and it was fine. So if you do get one test it out before the big day, just to make sure.


I think they are brilliant and we have had a lot of fun with ours


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