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MCTLA users - please read


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I am attempting to have Cathy Duffy review the MCTLA materials. I believe they are exceptional and should be included in the Top 100.


If you could drop her an email and add your support it would help my efforts.


Here's the link to the CD contact info. http://www.cathyduffyreviews.com/contact-us.php


Thank you for your assistance.

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I know nothing about Cathy Duffy specifically, although I know she approaches things from a Christian perspective. That is fine, but how does she do on secular materials?


Would she farm out the review or do it herself?


You should find all the various posts from these forums and send her links. :)


If I get a chance, I will write a note. I have always meant to write a review for HS reviews, but can't find the EXACT word i am looking for the beginning of the review... ugh

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Dragon Academy, it's good to see you. I was wondering how MCT was going for you? Are you still doing the philosophy program as well? I would be delighted to drop Cathy Duffy a line on MCT. I've considered sending Michael Clay Thompson flowers, chocolate, golf clubs, whatever as a small token of my appreciation. MCT LA materials are a pleasure to teach.


Korin, you can do this!:D

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