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Bigger Hearts for His Glory


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I used it with a 8 and 9 year old this summer. I wouldn't use it with a 7 yr old unless they are advanced. It is hard to explain about HOD. I used 3 programs and my kids really didn't fit into 1 guide by themselves much less combined.

I feel the history in the guides are strong and have great activities. With that said, the map drawing and some of the more intricate lessons I feel would need at least an 8 yr. old.

The Egleston books also are a little dry and didn't keep the interest of my children.

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I'm using Bigger with my 8 year old 3rd grader this year and my 10 year old. Age 8 seems like the perfect age. I couldn't imagine using it with her before this year. She would not have been ready. The history is very rich.

With that being said, I do use my own age appropriate Grammar and Math.

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