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Plantar fasciitis people, I found something interesting..

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You have to dig around this site but it has neat links to taping your feet and massage techniques.




Another taping technique:



Anyway, I've got a night splint and it does help (when I wear it). Usually I wake up hobbling to the loo but when I remember to wear the splint, I don't feel crippled.


My PF resulted from running. I wear orthotics and special shoes but still my feet feel like hamburger meat after a run. Anyway, I went to Road Runner Sports which is a huge retailer of running shoes. I went to the actual store. They took a print of my feet and recorded my running. They showed me that I was buying exactly the wrong type of shoe. I had always thought I was flat footed over pronator. Turns out I have a normal arch (but super flexible arch) and that my stride was neutral and if anything, I under pronated. I needed a neutral shoe with some arch support. They hooked me up with some shoes and insoles. They even made custom insoles for me to try at the store. Those are $80 but you don't have the buy them even after they mold them for you. They can mold them for another person. It was a very interesting experience. All of the staff were great. You guys should go to one.

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Mine PFfrom some stupid cheap walking shoes I bought. Boy did I learn a lesson!! I've found that if I wear slippers around the house instead of going bare foot helps immensely! Massage and stretching has helped as well. I'm fianlly getting to point, a year later, that I'm ready to go shoe shopping and pick up an exercise routine again.

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