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ADHD Medication: Question RE: Specific Side Effect

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I will try to make sense here. DS has been taking meds for ADHD for two and a half years. In that time, we are only just now on our third different medication as our experience has been a good one.


Here's the question: this happened with Vyvanse (our 2nd medication) right before we discontinued it (as there were indications that it was not as effective for DS) -- for about an hour after DS first took the med in the a.m., he would become totally uncontrollable --he always takes the pill with protein and the rest of his breakfast, but a few minutes later, he is bouncing off the walls for about 60 minutes......then, appropriate behavior until the dose was finished (with vyvanse - about 6 hours).


This is happening with Adderall XR (which we have been using for three weeks now) --the first few days, it didn't happen, but now it is happening. Same scenario - not as hyper as with the vyvanse, but about an hour of difficult behavior, then, BINGO......it is working.


I mentioned it to the pediatrician when we were switching from vyvanse to adderall, but we haven't spoken yet about it happening again.


All in all, the adderall XR is working well -- ds is eating really well which he did not do with the vyvanse. And, we have tried decreasing the dose - that doesn't help, and when the hour of hyper behavior is up, we are not getting the good result with his behavior.


Anyone have anything like this in their experience? TIA:)

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While our doctor wanted us to give the medicine with food, we don't. My dd takes Vyvanse 70 mg, about an hour before she gets up. Than she gets up and eats a bit - something like a half a grapefruit, some nuts and a glass of milk. At that point she is alert and ready to work. The few times she had to do something right away after the medicine, it didn't work then. It takes about an hour for it to get to the bloodstream. SHe has been on many others and vyvanse it the smoothest for us. She also gets off of it slowly. By 7 or 8 at night, she is bouncing but we usually have her fram away from us.

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