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Hives and H1N1?

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Has anyone else experienced hives along with H1N1?


Here's a quick synopsis. My 7yo dd started feeling bad on Saturday and ran a fairly high fever (101-102 or so).


On Tuesday, my 10yo came down with the same thing and we ended up having to take him in to the urgent care place in town because his asthma really started acting up. They tested him and he did / does have H1N1. They started him on Tamiflu, but because my 7yo had been sick for more than 48 hours, it was too late to start her on it.


But by then, she was feeling much better. The fever had broken and she was acting normal...she still had a lingering cough, though, so we kept her home from school. School was also closed yesterday for the holiday, so today was her first day back at school since last Friday.


When she came home from school this afternoon, however, she was covered from head to toe in hives!!! I called the school to ask if her teacher had noticed them, but she had already left for the day (I would think that she would've called me, had she noticed them -- my dd has autism and is fairly non-verbal, so she wouldn't have said anything to the teacher about them, but she was scratching up a storm, so maybe it was just missed).


So has anyone else experienced hives along with H1N1?? We gave her some Benadryl, but she isn't on any medication, other than that.


(And my two oldest also came down with the same illness, but they've also made easy recoveries. My 7yo is the only one with hives).

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