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Well-Trained Mind 3rd grade reading list


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We try to follow the reading list from the Well-Trained Mind, keeping in sight that some of the recommendations are "about or selections from". The Jane Austen one has me flummoxed. I was thinking of just going with one of the movies. What has everyone else done? I haven't found any children's versions of any of the books and they seem tricky to translate to elementary age anyway. I would love to hear thoughts on this, and on any other of the nebulous listings for 3rd grade.

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I found a short biography on Jane Austen that we plan on using. I'd recommend it, but we live overseas and it's an English reader for ESL that is produced here :).


As for the others, we plan on using adapted versions of Don Quixote, Adv. of Tom Sawyer, The Three Muskateers, Hunchback of Notre Dame and Oliver Twist. We'll be reading aloud the real version of Gulliver's Travels. She will also read bio's on Pocahontus, Jane Austen, Napoleon, Marie Curie, Paul Revere, Ben Franklin, George and Mary Washington, Abigail Adams, Robert Fulton, Louis Pastuer, Simon Bolivar, Daniel Boone and Sitting Bull.


Hope that helps :).

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