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Singapore Math- Is 6B mostly review?


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We are working through 6B and I would say it goes deeper into topics previously introduced. I never felt like skipping any of it. The last half of it is Challenging Word Problems for further review and evaluating any weak spots for re-teaching.


We are going to be working through the second have of 6B this next quarter and then move on to Chalkdust Algebra. I've previewed the first 2 chapters of the (cheap) Chalkdust Algebra DVD and don't think my child will need a pre-Algebra program as I originally thought as it teaches integers, reviews fractions, percentages and ratio. All these topics were covered in Singapore (except integers), but I was going to put him into a pre-algebra program for further review.


The last half of 6B seems loaded with word problems that include all of these concepts (except integers), so I will work through them with my student and then we're on to Algebra.




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It does seem that some pre-alegbra courses just repeat 6th grade math.


I was automatically going to put dd in pre-Algebra, so I looked at Thinkwell's pre-algebra and it was all review. But then she's been doing EPGY along with Singapore (With IP & CWP) and the first 2 LOF books.


I wanted to finish since I hate leaving off at 6b, but the Standards 6b isn't published yet.

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You can certainly just use 6B of the US Edition, I'd think.


I would imagine they are similar.


What is the alternative? Is he older and you want to push him on to high school math? If he is young still and you have time, I'd not rush to algebra. . .


FWIW, My ds10 is doing TW's PreAlgebra now, after finishing 6B about 6-8 months ago and then doing some Key To to keep him out of trouble for a while. Yes, the PreAlg is nearly all review. Yes, he is going very fast and getting 90-100% on everything. (Just got a 98% on his midterm.) Yes, he's half way through in 2 months. Yes, I am still glad I spent the $65 and put him in it.


At age 11, I put ddnow12 into TW's Intermediate Algebra. The 1st 4 chapters of Int Algebra are a complete review of all elementary math topics. It is like a PreAlgebra course in 4 chapters. Very intense unless it is all super easy review. Even for dd who is a star math student, it was a lot of work. The material was easy enough, but it was a LOT of problems and required a lot of accuracy, mastery, and precision. . . anyway, she made it through and got an A on HER midterm a couple months ago, and will finish the Int Alg in a few months (for about 18 months total time!). But, I feel so bad that she had to work soooo hard those first few chapters (must have taken 6 months) b/c I was too *cheap* to pay for the extra TW course. Poor kid. She felt like a failure for going so slowly. . .


I am HOPING that by having ds10 do PreAlg first, Int Alg will go smoothly and those first 4 chapters might fly by instead of crawl by. . . We'll see.

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