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Tree fungus - do you think it is bad to inhale?

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We are working on a little project here today and after I drilled a rather large whole in what I believe is a bract tree fungus, I wondered if I shouldn't have been wearing a mask. I have searched online and see that some fungus are poisonous if ingested but I don't think this one is. But what about if I drill into the thing and release airborne spores. It was the inner part of the fungus, not the underside where I think the majority of the spores are. But I know nothing about fungus other than I don't want spores in my lungs.

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This site seems to indicate that if there were a problem it would be in the form of an asthma attack within the first hour of having inhaled the fungus.




I saw one other article which talked about a man dying from fungus which he had inhaled from compost. But he had ample warning of trouble since he had bronchitis and other respiratory problems.


So, my advice just from doing my own googling would be to watch out for respiratory problems. And be aggressive in seeking help for any respiratory infections if you get any.


(I also saw a disputed claim that inhaling the fumes of tea tree oil could ward off such infections. I doubt it would hurt you to sniff some although it more likely wouldn't really help you either.)

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Why is hindsight always 20/20? I knew it was fungus but it wasn't until I'd drilled a bit that I thought hmmmm... I should likely be wearing a mask :glare: The part that I drilled was very woody though so I'm hoping that means there wasn't too much coming out into the air and into my lungs. The underside of the fungus seems to be the high spore area from what I read.


Thanks for looking into this too. I will go inhale some TTO just to make me feel better :)

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