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Ok I have twin 3 year olds (will be three next week). We have been doing the Prep curriculum from letteroftheweek and playing starfall. Well my kids now know all of the letter sounds and their sounds. We are still working on shapes, colors etc.


I know they are young and I am not trying to rush anything but they seem to be picking things up so quickly I want to conitnue. What would you suggest we continue with? We do games and play but we also have "school" time when we have structured time together.


Thanks for taking the time to read!

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I have a three year old as well.

My suggestions that my daughter has liked so far:


Kumon workbooks

File Folder games

My daughter loves Starfall too. LOL.


I'm looking at getting Little Hearts to Heaven for her. But I'm not finding time enough to do that yet.

Rod and Staff has a book called Around Three that works on concepts like tracing , etc for 3yr olds.

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I had my ds watch Between the Lions on PBS from about 3-6ish. I taped the shows and had him watch 1-2 shows daily. I also had on the closed captioning on the TV. I think those things coupled with daily reading of many different children's books and occasional sounding out of words by me helped him to become an excellent reader that he is today:)


PBS also has a a couple of other phonics/reading shows that are excellent as well. If you do not have Between the Lions locally, it can be seen on pbs.org or many librarys carry the DVDs.

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Guest aquiverfull

I have a 3 and 4 year old. My 4 year old is very eager to learn, but my 3 year old is quite different. I don't push anything. They are much too young to do anything too formal in my opinion. I did that with my now 10 year old and quite regret it. Doing all those workbooks and full curricula at that age burned her out and destroyed her love of learning.


My 4 year old knows all her letters and sounds as well. We've been doing the homeschoolshare ABC notebook. But we don't do it every day, just when they ask. Homeschoolshare also has many great lapbooks that we plan to get to eventually. Another thing that my 4 year old has shown interest in is telling time. She often tries to "read" the clock. So I plan to start working on that with her, so that may be an idea for you as well. Skip counting and learning all the numbers is another thing I plan to work on with her. Teaching her the 72 phonograms and beginning reading are also in my goals, but only because she is showing a real interest to do those things.


You could also look for some fun and educational games for that age. That way they would be learning in a really gentle way.


ETA: oh and I also noticed the Kumon books at my Walmart. They look awesome. I plan to pick up those eventually too.

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I haven't used Hewitt's preschool but looked at it very closely. You can join the Hewitt yahoo group and ask the moderator to send you a longer sample to really get a feel for it.

I think if your 3 yr. olds are the only children you are schooling that Hewitt looks great. I think it is pretty teacher intensive which is good if you have the time. The local school aid store had the instant curriculum book that they use and I got to leaf through it. I would love to use it but I don't think I would have the time to do it right with my other 3 kids.

It looks really good though and I took my time and leafed through the entire instant curriculum book. It is definitely hands on.

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