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Meaningful Composition


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I'd love to hear what you all think of this writing program, good and bad. Any thoughts?





Hi, Shalynn,


We just started using MC and love it (well at least I do;)) dd likes it. I am using level 4. My dd just finished week 5 so we are not too far into it.


My older dc will use CQLA which has MC built into the curriculum.


I really like both programs so far and love how it teaches writing. I have tried IEW, WS, WT (which I also like a lot), CW (we didn't actually use but I owned it) and own others like Ignite Your Writing & Writing Trails.

I really like how MC explains exactly what to do.



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Homeschooling6-if you get a chance, could you explain specifically what you like better about MC over the others you mentioned? I have used or seen most of them, and they all have their pros and cons-I would be really interested to hear more specifics on your comparison of them to MC. Thanks!

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This program looks great. I've been wondering what to do for a writing program. Does anyone know what the deal is with the books that are not currently available? Will they be available again? Couldn't find anything on the website that addressed this issue. Love the price!!!

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