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  1. Does anyone have a child that has done the Naval Academy STEM Summer Camp?
  2. We have done Level A Student Writing Intensive from IEW. I was a slacker and now we are in 9th grade. Should I go with Continuation B or move on to C? If we move on to C, should I start with C or Continuation C. Thanks.
  3. Love IEW for my reluctant writer.
  4. I am writing a syllabus to aid in keeping track of book lists and all the supplements used.
  5. We are using Teaching Textbooks for math. Apologia for Biology with the CD. Both of these are pretty independent.
  6. We are in the exact same place you are. I am going to have my younger skip Physical and do Biology with the older.
  7. We used MUS for elementary and are now using Teaching Textbooks. It works great for us! I have one who struggles with math and one for whom math comes naturally. Both kids like it and are doing well.
  8. What would the schedule and teachings look like for an honors English class vs. a regular HS English class? I am planning a pretty heavy schedule of literature and composition for 9th grade and I am wondering if I can call it Honors. Thanks!
  9. I love it. We do a "week" each day. We worked through the first book last semester and are currently on the second book.
  10. My Homeschool Grades will do that for you. I bought a lifetime subscription and love it. Very easy to use.
  11. Magnum Opus 101. :laugh: Seriously, that is really cool.
  12. I have the beaker mug from Home Science Tools and I love it! It is a very unique piece.
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