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Computer-based math programs?

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For various reasons, my younger son needs some hefty math review of algebra and geometry. I believe that there are two online math programs out there, one you pay by the month and another one.


I know one has a funny name.


I am doing a total blank on the names. Does anyone have a clue what I'm talking about?


I always intended to bookmark the website but somehow I never needed the program until now......

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The other one was probably Kinetic Books. They have only Algebra I and Algebra II right now. They are working on Pre-algebra. It is computer-based, but it has only one sequence, unlike aleks.


My kids have tried aleks and hated it. I know a family with kids who all love it (as much as they would love any math program). My kids hated it from the very first moment. My 11yo sobbed all the way through the assessment and one day of using the program after the assessment. I gave up at that point. My 14yo lasted almost 2 weeks with it.


My two older girls have used Kinetic Books and loved it though. My middle dd used KB for Algebra I. My oldest used KB for Algebra II while it was still in beta. My middle is eagerly awaiting the end of geometry so she can go back to Kinetic Books for Algebra II.

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