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We get sick every October

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I cannot remember an October that my children have not gotten sick. My son was sick for three Halloweens in a row.


So not to dissapoint me, my daughter is now running a fever.


Plus, before she got up I was watching a news special about swine flu and how it is affecting young people.


Trying not to panic.

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That's funny, because my son used to get sick every Oct. He wasn't homeschooled, and I think it was because of going back to school and being exposed to the germs (which he'd then bring home...).


I think mold is kinda high here in October because of the leaves. Is it where you are? Could some sinusitis caused by allergies be turning into bacterial infection? Rinsing the sinuses has become a great way for us to stay healthier--that, and we are taking some more powerful vitamins and getting a little more rest.


Hope yours heal quickly!

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Guest Bobburnitt

I will be 61 years old in December 2012 and I have gotten sick EVERY OCTOBER of my LIFE and it makes NO DIFFERENCE what part of the country I am in. You can break every Bookie in Las Vegas with it, if it is October I will be sick. If I am ALIVE next October I WILL be sick!!!!


I have been to "allergists" they are USELESS. I have learned NOTHING from them, I have only learned about this syndrome the HARD WAY by EXPERIENCE. I have been fired from jobs because of it, you can only call in sick so many times, and you are gone. I have had businesses I have owned collapse because of it.


It is October NOW as I write this and I am VERY SICK once again. I have NEARLY DIED rom this several times. I also get sick USUALLY of the same symptoms in March. However, the March thing, I DO miss it once in awhile, but NEVER the October. The March thing is not a gut cinch like the October.


I KNOW that I have NON-Allergic Rhinitis (aka Vaso Motor Rhinitis) and I have ALLERGIC Rhinitis as well. For this reason, ALLERGISTS are USELESS. They will take you money, this is TEXAS amd I have not had health insurance since 1987, and they do NOT help and sometimes MAKE ME WORSE!!!! I do NOT REACT to ANY of their TESTS, NONE of them!!!! But still they CHARGE!!!! You know, ONLY DOCTORS and computer people can work for you, accomplish NOTHING and STILL you OWE them!!!! In no other RACKET can you do that, just THEIRS!!!


I ALSO HAVE Auto-Immune disease, the HLA-B27 Gene and type B Positive Blood. These two facts are IMPORTANT if you have the OCTOBER SICKNESS. Let me tell you, it is NOT just a runny nose. In fact MOST of the time I get FLU like symptoms. I FEEL like I am BURNING UP with Fever, body ACHES, chills, headaches, hurt all over, so sick all I can do is stay in bed. Used to I knocked myself out with Nyquil and I STILL do that. Some times I DO get some of the typical "nasal type" symptoms, I may sneeze ONCE a day. When I do, it feels like my face EXPLODED and it HURTS like HELL, but it brings the greatest RELIEF!!!! I feel my shoulders RELAX my whole body just goes AHHHH. Every nerve and muscle in my body will relax. That is a couple of minutes after the BLAST. What happens is, the PRESSURE builds up over time, and I do not know how great it has gotten until it is RELIEVED!!!!


I do NOT get "itchy eyes" watery eyes, runny nose, I will get a sore throat and a dry unproductive cough for a LONG time. Eventually it DOES turn to a PRODUCTIVE cough after some weeks. But it is the feeling of HIGH FEVER and the SICK ALL OVER and the headache and the confusion and MALAISE!!! Did I say, when I have these high FEVER SYMPTOMS my body temperature will be about 93 degrees!!! Five degrees BELOW NORMAL!!!


These episodes last from three weeks to three MONTHS and LONGER!!! The ONLY thing that would help me at ALL is a strong CORTISONE INJECTION. And some times it would take two or three or maybe FOUR of them to get relief. Much of the time that would do it. But my "regular" doctor who is dead now, he would only give me usually three of those shots per year. What another doctor gave me once was ACTH (cortisone), he gave me an ACTH injection and told me to come back the next day and he gave me ANOTHER!!! That was in 1978, that was the best I have ever felt in my life!!!! I will never forget the few days after that, to be NORMAL and feel good!!!!


But NOW even the cortisone won't knock it out as a rule.


What usually happens is this, I get these FLU like Symptoms, I get bed ridden. Then it will turn in to a DRY sinus INFECTION after a couple of weeks, then later Bronchitis, then later Pnuemonia. At THIS time I DO have REAL FEVER!!!! In early March of 1994 that is what happened, I got too sick to get out of bed, but dragged myself to the doctor, he gave me cortisone, 6 weeks later in April I was still in bed, but dragged myself to the Doctor, and he gave me ANOTHER cortisone, then in late May, I had been in bed nearly 90 days, I dragged myself to him, he ex-rayed my lungs, I had an abcess on my left lung the size of a tennis ball. He told me I was going to die if I did not go to the HOSPITAL. But I live in TEXAS and had aleady lost my health insurance 7 years before over a $1,250 claim, so I told the doctor I could NOT go to the Hospital, I would have to either DIE or he could cure me at home.


So, he put me on the anti-biotoics from hell, and in DECEMBER finally the spot on my lungs was the size of a pea, but I was still coughing up phlegm. He did pronounce me "cured" at that point, it was MARCH of 1995 before I quit coughing up phlegm. Did I say I have NEVER SMOKED??? Its true. I have never smoked.


In 2008 I got sick in October just like always, in December I still had it, I had to go to the EMERGENCY ROOM and then had to stay the night in a motel, I could NOT drive HOME. They gave me some Cortisone right in the Mail line and my respiratory rate went down and they released me, but I was too sick to drive. So I stayed in Motel that night and drove home the next day. They sent me a bill for $5,000 for that.


This among other things has wrecked my life. I am so sick now I can hardly hold my head up now.


You know I am always hearing what medical science can do, but they can never do ANYTHING for ME. I now have developed Ankylosing Spondylitis. I have had a heart attack, I was going BLIND from cataracts in my early 50's from all of the cortisone I have taken, I had eye surgery, that BACKFIRED becasue of the AUTOIMMUNE disease.


I can go ON and ON. When I hear somebody, anybody, is sick every October it gets MY ATTENTION, I have had 61 years of it. The only way out is DEATH. I will be sick NEXT October and the NEXT and the NEXT until it kills me. And nobody even has a NAME for it!!!!


Also, I have Psoriasis, Amkylosing Spondylitis, I have had HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE since I was 24 or 25, I am NOT over weight and never have been. I know for SURE I am allergic to MOLD, but I will NOT react to a Mold test from an allergist. Ain't that something???


I am curious, anyone that has the October sickness, what kind of Blood type do you have?? Do you have Psoriasis, or the HLA-B27 Gene??? Do you have type B Positive Blood??? They say, B Positive blood is the Auto immune Blood type.


The ***ONLY*** thing I have ever used that has made a DETECTABLE difference, though it will NOT PREVENT this malady, it seems to reduce the DURATION and SEVERITY is a Neti-Pot. That has HELPED. And guess what, no ALLERGIST told me about them and they have been around LONGER than ALLERGISTS!!! ALLERGISTS are WORTHLESS!!!!


There is ONE MORE SYNPTOM!!! People always say, "You don't LOOK sick". They will only notice after I have lost 20 pounds from not eating, then they say,'What happened to YOU???"


Just wondering. BB

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